About Premma Health


About Us

Premma Health International Medical Supplies Company markets medical devices, supplies, consumables, and implants. With strong expertise, competent people, solid processes and consolidated systems, Premma-Health is providing premium healthcare services to patients, healthcare professionals and medical institutions. Supporting the Saudi Arabian Healthcare market across a wide range of clinical segments.

Our Vision

Be the leading and most respected medical devices, supplies, consumables, and implants provider in the Saudi Arabian Market

Our Mission

As leading medical devices distribution and services company, we integrate the best products to offer the best patient centric solutions to Healthcare providers and we endeavor to walk the extra mile for our customers and stakeholders by means of:

  • Providing the utmost in quality of products and solutions
  • Providing high customer satisfaction through solutions that fit best
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and Healthcare society to meet and exceed the expectations
  • Committing to strengthen our position as market leader through strong partnership and continuous improvement
  • Delivering extensive educational support through our continuous learning initiatives
  • Offering a fair chance for people from different backgrounds in labor market to join enabling them to deliver the best possible performance. At the same time fostering our high potential talents to optimizing their professional development and career

Our Values

Integrity & High Level of Ethics

  • We don't lie, cheat or steal
  • We respect ourselves and others
  • We treat others the way you want to be treated
  • We never talk badly behind people's back
  • We admit mistakes and correct them

Responsibility & Accountability

  • We insure the interest of the organization above all else
  • We deliver on our promises & meet our deadlines
  • We make others responsible & accountable
  • We are reliable, people & colleagues depend on us

Balanced Operational Excellence

  • We have a clear and focused strategy
  • We drive strong, efficient, robust operations
  • We maintain a sound finance & control environment
  • We maintain a healthy work environment
  • We attract, develop and retain talented employees

Proactive, Agile, Adaptive

  • We sense change in the business environment
  • We offer solutions & avoid criticism
  • We are action oriented & avoid over analysis
  • We challenge assumptions & suggest better ways

Collaboration & Support

  • We are open transparent with each other
  • We take time to assist colleagues and mentor subordinates
  • We are candid but not hurtful in evaluating others’ work
  • We contribute outside our specialty